Centennial Hills Medical Center

Centennial Hills Medical Center building

6900 North Durango Drive
Las Vegas, Nevada 89149
(702) 835-9700

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Outpatient cardiology, outpatient endoscopy, radiology, respiratory, laboratory and pharmacy. Provides digital mammography, gynecologic care and gynecologic surgery, labor, delivery and recover rooms, postpartum unit and a Level II NICE.

I was recently a patient at Centennial Hills Medical Center, where I received the worst care I have ever had in my 67 years. Nurses were non-caring and poorly trained in the care of post-operative patients. I had a critical complication that went without recognition from the nurses for several hours, even though I was verbalizing my problematic symptoms. The Anesthesia Department left a femoral pain-control catheter in my groin for 5 days, which should have been removed in 48 hours, with no visits from them during that time. Centennial Hills is pretty-would be nice if the care given there matched the decor!
The Emergency department does not provide all of the specialist services that they claim. They constantly dump on UMC and Sunrise Hospital. They are also not equipped to deal with major trauma cases.